Μηχανη Yamaha TT-R110E



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Yamaha's leading TT-R range includes the beautifully-styled TT-R110E, which is aimed at new riders as well as those graduating from the smaller TT-R50E.

Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες

Αποστολή εντός 3-4 ημερών

Άλλες πληροφορίες

Competition-winning inspiration.

Its radical racing-blue, motocross-style bodywork has been directly inspired by our MXGP-winning YZ race bikes. For easy steering and high levels of rider comfort, this good-looking youth bike features long-travel front and rear suspension.

New and experienced off-road riders will love the smooth and strong performance of the 110cc 4-stroke engine, and the 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox means that there is no clutch lever for riders to worry about.

Με μια ματιά

  • Motocross-style 110cc 4-stroke fun bike
  • Easy-to-use, semi-automatic 4-speed gearbox
  • Key-type main switch for added parental control
  • For new riders and kids moving up from the TT-R50E
  • Radical racing-blue, motocross-style bodywork
  • Long-travel off-road type suspension systems


See the smile on your child's face after they've been riding their TT-R junior bike and you'll know that you made the right decision investing in a Yamaha.

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